Dexter Adams

Dexter’s journey from his corporate career to founding Better Life Recovery reflects a profound personal transformation fueled by his desire to create a positive impact in the wake of personal tragedy. His extensive experience in leadership and management, particularly within the tech industry giants like Cisco Systems, EMC, and Juniper Networks, equipped him with valuable skills in sales engineering, account management, and directing sales operations.

His success in these roles underscores his dedication, work ethic, and strategic prowess, traits that undoubtedly contribute to his effectiveness as a business leader. Dexter’s decision to shift his focus towards Better Life Recovery demonstrates his commitment to leveraging his skills and experience for a greater purpose.

Partnering with the right people underscores Dexter’s understanding of the importance of collaboration and building strong networks. This strategic approach ensures that Better Life Recovery can provide the best possible care and support for individuals struggling with addiction.

The mission of Better Life Recovery & Wellness, to provide professional and comprehensive care to those dealing with alcohol or drug dependency and abuse, reflects Dexter’s overarching goal to make a meaningful difference in his community. His transition from the corporate world to the realm of addiction recovery demonstrates a profound commitment to serving others and fostering positive change.