Caitlin Dow

Caitlin is a dedicated and compassionate professional with a rich background in counseling and behavioral health. Currently pursuing her master’s degree in counseling at Montclair State University, Caitlin has already accumulated invaluable experience in the field. As a counselor intern at a methadone maintenance program, she demonstrated her commitment to supporting individuals grappling with substance use disorders. Her role as a behavioral health technician and case manager at a residential substance abuse program further honed her skills in providing comprehensive care and guidance to those in need.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Caitlin’s personal connection to individuals struggling with substance use disorders and mental health challenges drives her passion for making a difference in their lives. This deep empathy and understanding fuel her dedication to her work and studies. In her leisure time, Caitlin finds joy in the simple pleasures of spending quality moments with her loved ones – whether it’s bonding with family, enjoying the company of friends, cherishing time with her boyfriend, or delighting in the antics of her beloved puppy. Her penchant for baking homemade treats serves as a creative outlet, offering her a well-deserved respite from her rigorous academic and professional pursuits.