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COVID UPDATE: Our office is now following New Jersey State Protocols for in-person care. We also offer all of our services via telemedicine. Learn More


Welcome to Better Life®

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Specialists

Providing the tools, care, and hope you need to start a better life now.

Quality addiction recovery services are now available for adults 18 and above.

Our Treatment Programs

Better Life Recovery provides customized outpatient addiction treatment services to adults with addiction and substance-abuse challenges based on their individual care needs. Grounded within the SAMHSA Wellness Model approach, we holistically support our clients with comprehensive clinical and addiction counseling services, as well as, psycho-educational didactic seminars for drug awareness, relapse prevention, 12 step philosophy, anger management, life skills, and stress management.


Partial Care 

Our most intensive level of treatment and an excellent option for those stepping down from a detox or inpatient setting

  • Individual Counseling

  • Group Therapy

  • Family Support

  • Psychiatric evaluation and follow up

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Intensive Outpatient

A great option for those stepping down from a higher level of care or for those needing a more structured therapeutic program than out outpatient program provides

  • Both day and evening hours available

  • Indvidual Counseling

  • Group Therapy

  • Family Support

  • Psychiatric evaluation and follow up


Outpatient Treatment

Our lowest level of care, perfect for individuals stepping down from intensive outpatient care or for those in need of treatment support to maintain sobriety without the need of the structure and support offered in higher levels of care.

  • Individual counseling

  • Group therapy and family support

  • Psychiatric evaluation and follow up


Detox Placement

While we do not offer detox, our team of trusted professionals can help you coordinate placement and function as a liason to allow you to smoothly transition by helping you to navigate this process. Call us at (973) 718-5552

Not sure which service is right for you or your loved one? 
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